Who we are

Zink Typography has been established by the twins Roel and Job Zinkstok. Roel holds a PhD in Physics and now works as a clinical physicist, Job holds a PhD in Philosophy and now works in government.

During our undergraduate and graduate studies we became interested in typography. Between doing research and writing down the results, working on the lay-out of our own texts was a welcome distraction. As we both have a rather perfectionist disposition, we built up quite a bit of typographical knowledge and experience. For us, the pleasure of doing typographical work lies mainly in the combination of the aesthetical and technical aspects. Not only do we like to think about how to design a book well, about making a text agreeable to read and beautiful to look at, we also like to puzzle on our software in order to realize our designs and automate the typesetting.

Because we were greatly annoyed by the fact that the typography of many dissertations comes off badly (often out of necessity), and because we happened to possess the knowledge and means to put a lid on that, we decided to set up Zink Typography. It is our honour to offer first-class, fast and affordable typographical design to PhD students in order to provide the result of years of work with the looks it deserves!